The Bean 659
The Bean 659
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patreonsmalladBuilding an epic… I am amazed on how much work goes into building an epic. I am on page 659 and we are almost done with chapter 17. Then onto chapter 18. Much has happened with our young dishwasher and I am pretty excited about where this adventure is going.

There is also a lot of other incredible things going on. Some pretty neat projects in the works. I look forward to sharing them.

Thanks again for all the support in keeping the bean going.

Keep creating




Starburst » 1 Nov 2015 » Reply

So Bean's a half-Elf. I guess it was his mom who was an Elf, because that ain't no Elf.

Megaben » 29 Oct 2015 » Reply

My name is SUE! How do you DO! Now you're gonna die!

Lutra » 26 Oct 2015 » Reply

Great work! Love the story & art.
In first speech bubble 'your' should be 'you're'. 😉

    Trav the bean » 29 Oct 2015 » Reply

    thank you for catching that. I will be fixing all of these in edits

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