The Bean 668
The Bean 668
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patreonsmalladSometimes things just keep escalating.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to a fantastic new year as well. I am setting up my goals for next year as well… and I am really looking forward to seeing what projects I will accomplish.

It’s encouraging the thoughts I have, are always the same… keep moving forward. No matter what happens or where we are , we can always decide to keep moving forward if we choose. We just have to take that first step.

Keep creating. Keep dreaming big, and keep smiling.




John » 3 Jan 2016 » Reply

It appears Mr. Bean enjoys bathing in blood.

Randomguy » 1 Jan 2016 » Reply

I hope Gavanamaladon stabs dad in the foot. Bean might be upset about being a party to his fathers death, no matter that he man is a complete Ass.

Golux » 29 Dec 2015 » Reply

They all have a death wish. Told ya the tavern would be cleaned out by the time this ended.

John » 29 Dec 2015 » Reply

Cue beatdown, part 2. *starts playing "Megalovania"* Bean Sr. is aout to have a bad time.

garvin » 29 Dec 2015 » Reply

Wow, making it real easy for Bean to make himself an orphan isn't he?

Course, it's not his father has been real family to him, so I can't help but think if he died it wouldn't really change to much in Bean's family life.

Asryth » 28 Dec 2015 » Reply

I dunno. I'm pretty sure that Bean and the Sword can take 'em all.

    Glenn » 29 Dec 2015 » Reply

    Except that's NOT Bean. And what happens next? Those people in the tavern are now JUSTIFIED in trying to take him down since as far as they know he's just a dangerous lunatic who needs to be stopped. Taking those two henchmen has passed over a threshold from innocence to regret. "I'm sure it will be just fine."

Glenn » 28 Dec 2015 » Reply

This is really turning into a mess… I'd say it's time for the cavalry to arrive.

Susan » 28 Dec 2015 » Reply

Well, so much for staying under the radar.

hoomi2 » 28 Dec 2015 » Reply

In the words of the T-Rex from "Meet the Robinsons,"

"I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through."

Celidah » 28 Dec 2015 » Reply

Some corrections in the last panel: That should read, "Get 'im! And don't be none too gentle with him!" 🙂


Also, where the heck are Otter and Theron?!?!?

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