The Bean 669
The Bean 669
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patreonsmalladIt is still monday…. yet I am so sorry for the delay. The Holidays are now over and I am finally back at my desk working away to catchthedaisyandkisscover up. There is a lot to do. Some exciting things are happening as well.

First I started a new redbubble account click here for trav’s redbubble store This is were you will find a ton of new shirt and mug designs. I finally figured it was time to offer my work on shirts etc… if there is a design you want to see online- than just send me a note and I will see about putting them up.

I also have finished the next Little Lost Tales book and it is available for presale here to preorder … The book goes to print – tomorrow.

These are a new series of fun small complete books by me. Which I hope you enjoy. Thanks again for all the incredible support and more pages to bean are coming. Keep creating…



Dweeve » 6 Jan 2016 » Reply

And his friends outside, looking on with wry amusement? I'd expect them to have tried to stop this before it occurred.

    Megaben » 6 Jan 2016 » Reply

    They were walking on ahead when Bean noticed his dad. They didn't necessarily notice he was gone.

Celidah » 6 Jan 2016 » Reply

*singsong voice* Papa's in trouuuuu-bllllllle!

Erelannon » 5 Jan 2016 » Reply

Grammar: "You, old man, are a fool!" or, "You old man, you're a fool!"

Awesome to see Bean fight back after all the abuse he's taken since we met him … and a special cut reserved just for the unworthy father.

Megaben » 4 Jan 2016 » Reply

"Why don't you calm down, kid, I was only teasing. We're family, and family should stick together. Say, if you want to do a favour for your old man, there's a group of people who owe me money. I think we'll have a grand time together, the two of us!"

Golux » 4 Jan 2016 » Reply

I think he takes after his Mother dear Pops… Can he stop short of skewering you, if sword buddy lets him resist?

Dave Aronson » 4 Jan 2016 » Reply

With the way that sword's blade is looking like a light saber, that power just might be The Force! 😉

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