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The Bean 683
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Sorry for the late update, I just got back from the Emerald City Comic Con – What a wonderful and incredible show. So grateful for all the help that came from some many people and spouses that made this show possible for our family.

It was a fantastic weekend and now it’s time to get back to work. Time to role up my sleeves and get this book done and jump into the next chapter.

I love the energizing feeling cons can bring. It makes really enjoy art and having the ability to mingle with some truly wonderful people . Thank you again for everyone that will be there.

Keep creating and dreaming big.




Megaben » 11 Apr 2016 » Reply

Sounds cynical but it's true: "generosity" either comes at the expense of the recipient — in which case it's not really generosity — or of the giver, failing which it's not really generosity.

@calvsie » 11 Apr 2016 » Reply

Otter is certainly cynical. Gosh darn it every time she opens her mouth I end up wondering about her backstory.

Also man a lot of the web comics I read were at Emerald City Comic Con… hum maybe next year a trip to Seattle will be in order.

    trav » 11 Apr 2016 » Reply

    her backstory is one based on loss, regret and pure survival… one day i might be able to tell it 🙂 yet as you read the book- you will find glimpses of her and her honor…. 🙂

    Its a good show to hang out at

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