The Bean 687
The Bean 687
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Some times the days just get worse….

New comic today. I am enjoying were it’s going to. One of the things that I find important about story telling is that you can cross genres all the time and if you do it right …. no one will even realize it.

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Celidah » 9 May 2016 » Reply

Oooo, they're gonna feel that. Ouch.

Ruthie » 9 May 2016 » Reply

Woah! That red dot now has me on full alert: it's like a security camera just activated after a millennia of going undisturbed, unnoticed, just biding it's time in the dark… hope no one got hurt in that nasty fall. Sometimes I want the story to explain itself faster, but moments like this make me realize the long way round can be so much more interesting and meaningful. I actually *feel* as though these characters have delved way deeper underground than this story has yet been, despite all the frequent underground scenes. Things are new down here in an ancient, untouched, and very "Do not disturb" kind of way… I'm not sure if I would feel claustrophobic or oppressed by the darkness, and the sounds would be the worst, but that's me speaking from the perspective of someone with over-heightened senses. There should be a little sign down there somewhere that says, "Here be dragons. Do remember to wipe your shoes on the mat when you enter the lair. Good manners matter, always. 🙂

    Trav the bean » 9 May 2016 » Reply

    some things are best left undisturbed. There are even darker things lurking in the underground… much darker.

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