The Bean 691
The Bean 691
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I am so sorry for the late delay today. We just got back from the phoenix show and it has been a long time since I have been up for 22 hours straight. I am beat. What a show as well. I loved that show. I will be doing my write-up soon. It was incredible and I loved meeting so many wonderful people . Thank you for being there and thank you phoenix for making us soooooo welcome.

Working on more pages – the bean is moving forward and next week we hit the incredible denver comic con. Than I will have some time to focus. What an incredible adventure this has been.

Keep creating




Salimah » 6 Jun 2016 » Reply

So you asked me to comment in Phoenix so here is my quick comment. Your story is amazing. The history is clever and really well done. I hope that when I finally get pen to paper for my own work that it comes together as well as your work does. I really appreciate the sketch you did of mama.


    Erelannon » 4 Jul 2016 » Reply

    I second Salimah's comment about the history behind this story. You said it best: you can mix genres and if you do it right, know one will ever know. (or something like that.) Anyway, I just caught up after being AFK for a few months. Seeing this underground story I thought I was completely lost! Took me about 50 page looks to get back on track lol! All good and looking for more.

Terri » 6 Jun 2016 » Reply

shouldn't it say," before we go, lets take care of him".
with all the eyes, makes me wonder how big the cave creatures get.
Glad you had a great time:) rest well

    Just_IDD » 8 Jun 2016 » Reply

    Alternately you could say "before we go we should take him down." That might fit better in the space that you have for the word bubble. The "He" could drop to the next line and everything could still fit.

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