The Bean 701
The Bean 701
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Today’s comic update….

A level of trust. Today’s comic we see a level of trust and still the determination to get the job done. Plus a reveal…

Also getting ready for the Salt Lake Comic Con in 2+ weeks. Plus the no mercy game will be shipping this week. A lot of good things are happening.




Celidah » 19 Aug 2016 » Reply

Whoa, whoa, whoa….princess? Princess?!?!?

gyrosphere » 17 Aug 2016 » Reply

I started this comic a couple of days ago and just got caught up. I can't believe I have to wait days for the next one!

John » 15 Aug 2016 » Reply

This is one of my favorite strips in quite a long time. Whitestar's brief but make-no-mistake-I'm-observant-and-I'm-in-charge speech really set a tone and I loved it! Excellent characterization, Trav. This was great!

Just Another Mike » 15 Aug 2016 » Reply

Great update as always! Slight edit though: in the second panel it should be 'losing' not 'loosing'

    Trav the bean » 15 Aug 2016 » Reply

    yup just fixed it- refresh and let me know if you see the edit

      Treb » 22 Aug 2016 » Reply

      Also, it's ''Then so be it'' not ''Than so be it''

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