The Bean 702
The Bean 702
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Today’s update.

Yes, the comic is still going strong- I have begun fleshing out the next chapter, all I can say is that the adventure is going in a wild direction. War is coming to this mining city… will our heroes be able to get out in time?

Thanks again for keeping this comic going. Hopefully we will get back into multiple updates a week. Just have a few other books on the desk at the moment.

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Roy » 12 Feb 2017 » Reply

Small typo in panel 4: 'My name [is] Theron." Wish we could get an apostrophe in "I'm" as well. 🙂

RDMc » 23 Aug 2016 » Reply

or Mitch…

Dave » 22 Aug 2016 » Reply

"Tia-pho-phia"? Sorry, but that makes my brain continue it as "fee fie mo-mia, Tia!" 😉

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