The Bean 706
The Bean 706
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Sitting here in my hotel room at the Long Beach Comic Con at the moment and pondering the story of the bean. Looking at where it is going and how it is getting there. As new characters are introduced I must say I do enjoy the pull they have on the story, especially taking it in new directions. As I sit here, and I want you to know I am writing this before the show starts, and this will post when the show has ended in a few days, meaning these thoughts are a few days old. I find myself looking over the career choice as well. Walking by faith in a way and hoping people will enjoy the tale being woven. It has been a fun and interesting ride. The one thing I will say though, is dont be afraid to walk forward.

Following a dream can be terrifying and I feel those things all the time. The thing is that you need to just keep walking and especially to walk forward. I hope that makes sense.

Thank you again for being here with me on this adventure and here’s to continuing to dream big.



wnp » 19 Sep 2016 » Reply

I've been thinking, shades of "The Count of Monte Christo" ever since we met him.

Celidah » 19 Sep 2016 » Reply

Well, that's about as close to a "yes" as we'll get out of Otter, so we'll take it…I guess.

    rfaramir » 6 Oct 2016 » Reply

    Definitely NOT a ringing endorsement.

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