The Bean 707
The Bean 707
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Dreams are meant to be followed. Even when the path is rough and the way uncertain, one must continue to have faith that when they started the journey – that following through to the end would be worth it. I believe in this adventure and I am grateful for those that push and support it. Thank you for those that return to read each week and I continue to promise that there story will always continue on.

Keep dreaming




Celidah » 27 Sep 2016 » Reply

"Just an old nickname between friends." Pffft. Sure, Your Highness.

goosefairy » 26 Sep 2016 » Reply

Sharing is caring, Otter!

Calvsie » 26 Sep 2016 » Reply

Story time with Otter!!! YES!

*Calvsie Goes SQUEEE!*

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