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I just got back from the Bakersfield Comic con. It was a blast- I am now headed to New Jersey Comic Con… and then I think we get a break for a little bit. Thanks for all those that came out. Also remember… No Mercy closes soon- lets see if we can make this happen.




Sanjeet Singh Veen » 20 Nov 2016 » Reply

“For many people, whether they ever read comics or not, most of the superheroes in movies are familiar, known quantities,” White says. “Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man are universally known icons. And even if they’re not familiar names to everyone, the concepts behind them are simple. White agrees that comic books serve a higher purpose than in previous years, more of a distraction to the real world than a distraction from school work.

SomeOldGuy » 16 Nov 2016 » Reply

OK, ….now what???

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