The Bean 715
The Bean 715
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I just got back from the New Jersey Comic Expo.  I am a little worn down – but I was able to get the page up still on monday. I have though been up since 2:30 eastern time and I live on the west coast, so I am excited I gained 3 hours, I am still feeling the burn of little to know sleep.

The new bean update is here and I am introducing the stone trolls. It’s about time to see this very big, strong and dangerous mountain race. Anyways I need to get a few more things done, but I wanted to get this page up and keep my commitment to my fans.

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Celidah » 22 Nov 2016 » Reply

The citizens of Culver's Gulch are about to collectively have a very bad day.

Megaben » 21 Nov 2016 » Reply

I was very happy to see new ogre faces before I read the description! I guess the difference is in skin tone? I wonder how big they are, since you can't tell from just the picture.

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