The Bean 744
The Bean 744
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Just got back this morning from the Amazing Las Vegas Comicon- it was a fantastic and fun show- i am a little worn out- now onto denver Comic con this weekend…

Also I love this update for some- reason- i am not sure why it might be the door.



Celidah » 3 Jul 2017 » Reply

"Visitors? Oh, how delightful! We haven't had visitors in so long! Erma, kindly unlock the door for that lovely-looking couple out there, would you?"
"Of course! Right away! Oh my oh my, I need to go put on some tea right away! And where are those cookies?"

That's totally how it's going to go. Yeah.

    Deoxy » 5 Jul 2017 » Reply

    I haven't seen it in some time now, but is that a quote from the Book of Eli? (Denzel Washington post-apocalyptic movie) It certainly matches a certain scene, I just don't remember the exact dialog… (It doesn't end well.)

      Celidah » 6 Jul 2017 » Reply

      It's not, although I know what you're talking about. I haven't seen it, but DH enjoyed it. (It's not really my style of entertainment). I LOVE the Panorama track from the soundtrack, though!

goosefairy » 26 Jun 2017 » Reply

Should be "this could be THEIR work" instead of "this could be THIER work"

hoomi2 » 26 Jun 2017 » Reply

Will you trade the Sword of the Rose for what's behind Door Number 1?

Calvsie » 26 Jun 2017 » Reply

Seriously suspect we are about to have the big reveal the elves are actually from space and their arrival broke the moon.

Deoxy » 26 Jun 2017 » Reply

It might be that you know what's BEHIND the door…

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