The Bean 745
The Bean 745
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From one con to another – we have done a lot of traveling this year. It has been good and a lot of exciting things have happened. The comic keeps moving forward and this is a good thing. I love it’s direction. Next week is the big SDCC show- so if you have a ticket come on down and hang out for a bit. I will be at e11.

Keep creating.



dgddf » 27 Aug 2017 » Reply


Olivier » 19 Aug 2017 » Reply

Well, that’s quite an unexpected development: high tech form another age in this otherwise medieval world.

pyreflos » 28 Jul 2017 » Reply

did anyone else notice all her black word bubbles are hearts? Just another observation to add to the already slightly creepy atmosphere…

Ken » 13 Jul 2017 » Reply

This has a "Hello Dave" feel to it.

    rfaramir » 17 Jul 2017 » Reply

    Yes, the red and black color scheme, the technical politeness. Some heeby-jeebies there.

      Denita TwoDragons » 17 Jul 2017 » Reply

      Yeah, there's definitely a sense of menace going on. Now whether that turns out to be a red (and black! Hah!) herring or a legitimate foreshadowing, I'm eager to find out!

Denita TwoDragons » 11 Jul 2017 » Reply

Now the question we must ask ourselves is…is she a Cortana / Edi type…? Or are we looking at a SHODAN / GlaDOS type here?

Felix » 11 Jul 2017 » Reply

All right, this comic just went full-on _Archipelago_ on us. In your defense, it was foreshadowed a long time ago. 😛

    Seros Senric » 8 Aug 2017 » Reply

    I have realised that I'm still not used to the idea that the Archipelago comic has actually ended.

      Trav the bean » 8 Aug 2017 » Reply

      it hasnt ended- updates will happen today- just had a daughter get married, sdcc and 1800 books to ship in two weeks. I got a little overwhelmed 🙂

        Denita TwoDragons » 9 Aug 2017 » Reply

        Hey, congrats on your daughter getting married! 🙂

        Seros Senric » 9 Aug 2017 » Reply

        I was talking about a different comic, but still nice to hear that updates are happening here! 😀

        Hope you are managing everything well.

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