The Bean 72
The Bean 72
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Good morning-

As many of you have noticed that the Bean coloring project has increased. Not only am I coloring the books from the beginning, I am also coloring the Bean from this time forward. Every new update will be in color. The reason is the only way this book will survive and grow in the future is by it being in color. I love b/w, yet, I understand that comics need to be adaptable and that things change. If my story will progress than I need to be able to adapt.

Yet the exciting thing is that you will see the story as I truly wanted it to be. In color. This is good. It will also be a heck of a job and one that is well worth it in my opinion.

As for getting the color books out, there will be a few changes. First off the books will now be only 2 chapters long (78 pages of story and 8 pages of extras). This will allow me to get the books out much quicker. I will continue to kickstart the books, because printing costs will rise because of the color work. Book 1’s first two chapters are almost done (4 pages left) and then I will kickstart it after book 4 gets out.

I am going to keep the books in the same format, yet I am looking at better paper and some really cool effects on the covers. I want them to continue to look fantastic.

Your support and understanding in this project has been crucial in getting this project done. It will go on for a bit, but now that I am moving it to full color doors that were previously closed will now be open. Bean will finally have opportunities to go in a different and wonderful direction.

Keep creating.



DangerousThing » 1 Jul 2010 » Reply

I like the panel layout. I also like the beast of burden, that looks like an overgrown sheepdog.

    Trav the bean » 15 Dec 2010 » Reply

    thanks- yeah the beast of burden has gone through a few different designs but i too like the big sheep like thingy:)

Brandon » 15 Jun 2010 » Reply

The size / format of this comic still strikes me as so perfect, I know you've done a lot of art at this aspect ratio as well. Allowing for panels like that right panel is just amazing – I love it!

    Trav the bean » 15 Dec 2010 » Reply

    This format is important to me. It allowed me to do things like the right panel and as I work further down the road, it has let me do some pretty sweet stuff in story telling. I am very happy with how it is turning out:)

    Trav the bean » 4 Jun 2015 » Reply

    i also hope you get a chance to check it out now and see the color work going into it.

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