Sorry guys the color page would have been updated wed- but i was in a car accident on tuesday – which threw me completely off. I am fine- the car not so much- I find out tomorrow. Yet I still was able to get the page colored 🙂 Looking at closing in on chapter 2. […]

Nice seeing another color update. The dimension it adds is wonderful. I am really pleased about how it came out. This weekend I will be at the LA Festival of Books- if you are looking for something fun and free to do come on out and visit. It’s FREE to everyone. Well back to bean […]

Good morning- here is the next color page… Working hard on getting more pages done. trav-

I am excited as I get close to finishing off this section of the comic in color. This means I will have the first two chapters of the comic of the bean almost done. It has been a very long road, yet I know that the road, though rocky is worth it. So many people […]

Book 4 goes to print today- Wohoo…. It’s about time and I am excited about what is happening. Keep creating trav  

New color update today.  It has sure come a long way and I am really excited that the first two chapters are almost done. The bean books vs 1 and 4 are now being reprinted. I am excited about what is happening. Very excited. More updates coming trav  

Good morning – here is the next color page- I am also packing up for Denver Comic Con this weekend. Its gonna be a fantastic show and if you are in the area, come on by for free sketches, great conversation and some new books 🙂 We’re almost done with the new book (#4) It […]

Hi Guys Quick update on todays color page. I hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to finishing off this chapter and start prepping it as a book. Thanks again for all the support. Also this weekend I will be at the Phoenix Comicon. I am soo looking forward to it and if you are in […]

Good morning- As many of you have noticed that the Bean coloring project has increased. Not only am I coloring the books from the beginning, I am also coloring the Bean from this time forward. Every new update will be in color. The reason is the only way this book will survive and grow in […]

I really have enjoyed working on this section of the comic. The color has really help set the tone for the Forest of Dark Leaf. It is amazing how this project is fleshing out and how this story is looking. I am also enjoying seeing the comic move forward in color as well. I am […]

On my way to the Amazing las vegas comic con this weekend. I am looking forward to doing FREE Sketches all weekend long and enjoying the heat. I heard it is going to be a hot one. I wanted to thank everyone for the incredible support and look forward to seeing where the book goes. […]

Good morning- here is the next page of colors to enjoy. I am almost done with chapter 2. One more page to go. Keep creating- trav-

One of the most important things for a weekly cartoonist is that you have to continually push forward. Even when you are worn down and don’t want to. This is what makes cartoonist successful. The willingness to keep drawing pages even when you don’t want to. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, […]

Well we have had quite an awesome chat in the blog about why webcomics fail. So if you want to jump into it, I would love to hear your thoughts. It’s not about the bean either it is about webcomics in general. There are some awesome opinions and thoughts there. Also remember, the bean is […]

Well yesterday was a fantastic day for turning 40:) Gave me a lot to think about as well and I am really looking forward to the future of the bean and where it is going to go. Thanks for all the love. Also remember you can get hard copies of the comics at the store […]

So who’s your favorite character? why? just  curious. Also the best way to read the bean is complete or in chunks. I understand that so if your feeling lost head on back a ways and start reading in groups. This is an epic… it is how i see it and I am not writing it […]

Things are just not getting any better for the Pers…. Ok since most of the people that read the comic read these posts and last time we did favorite characters – how about lets find the right actors to play the casts of bean. Yes we did this before a long while back.. but now […]

SOOOO SORRY HAD THE WRONG AUTO DATE – NEW PAGE UP Ok 10 pages left to ink for issue 8 -wo-wo! Now last update we started to cast the different characters of the series. We started with the collector. There were 7 great choices. I was very impressed. So when all the actors have been […]

Well life is good – Busy but good. I am prepping for the next show so i might not always be around. yet the post will be. Ok we have a bunch of great actor ideas for siv and the collector. I am looking forward to all the other characters as well. So on to […]

Trying really hard to get everything done for phoenix. My next newsletter will have that information. There is just a lot to do. I am also involved in several other commissions, so in the process of getting everything done, I am focusing on at least 3 pages a week. I am hoping to have issue […]

Short post today. Trying really hard to finish up on book 8 and had to redraw a page. I am really jazzed about everyone’s comments for the rest of our cast. I have really enjoyed it. So today Our casting call is for gort. He’s big and mean. So who do you think could play […]

Working pretty hard to finish getting everything ready for the phoenix show. My big post about the show will be latter this week. So I am sorry for my lack of hanging out. Yet I have really enjoyed all the voice selections.  Keep up the fantastic work. So lets push forward on our acting names. […]

Ok small casting break. Issue 8 news – today i should finish all the artwork for issue 8. I am really excited, in fact I knocked out 4 pages yesterday. Which means I will be starting the cover art, which I will post soon. Also a new print will be introduced on thursday. There’s been […]

great day – i  just finished talking at Riverside Community College’s Advanced Photoshop Department. Taught coloring, it was really cool. Enjoyed it. Ok back to work. More to come soon. trav

Well this is the week of phoenix- and man is there a lot of things going on this week. Updates will continue but i might still be scarce. Once phoenix is done we will be back in the swing of things and hopefully I’ll be around a bit more. My big phoenix update will be […]

Added a new update at our kickstarter project. Big artwork update there as well just click the graphic to go check it out. Plus we are moving towards our 10000 mark. That means 8 extra pages for everyone. Tell your friends.

There is a cold reality to war… Hopefully our band of refugees will make it to the lower halls. We are moving towards our 10000 mark. That means 8 extra pages for everyone. If you want to get your books before anyone else and all the little goodies sign up.

Crested over the 9ooo mark on our kickstarter. 236 people are getting their books before we release them to the masses as of right now. There are 29 days left and if you want in – head on over to our kickstarter project. Also I have been posting more art in the imagination series- I […]

Hello-  we should have things back to normal- as for what normal is i am not sure. The slugs are off… but i checked and the sequence is correct. So it goes in order. This page hits kinda home for me. In more ways then one. I never realized I would be in a similar […]

Still struggling with a couple of comments not moving over to their correct pages- haven’t figured that yet. Other than that- we keep trudging along. Mind you this a rough… so there are grammar errors and spelling errors at times. When the books go to print this is all corrected

Everything should be fixed now. If you have a problem please let me know so we can fix it. Also let me know what browser it is on as well.  Yet the site has been scrubbed clean:)  

This has been a fun section to work on for me. It’s allowing me to look at the story more as a story than that of just a boy on a quest. We fixed the glitch-Sorry if you got redirected. Things are all clean on our end now- if you have any problems let me […]

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