The Bean 74
The Bean 74
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On my way to the Amazing las vegas comic con this weekend. I am looking forward to doing FREE Sketches all weekend long and enjoying the heat. I heard it is going to be a hot one.

I wanted to thank everyone for the incredible support and look forward to seeing where the book goes. I am almost done with the first two chapters. I am looking at releasing it as a book soon. It will take a bit to make that happen- but I can only see this book as color now.  Still debating on hardcover or softcover. Any thoughts.

Keep creating –




drew » 8 Apr 2011 » Reply

i love the critters on the left. i call them chickengophers in my head.

U-Boat » 20 Oct 2010 » Reply

I concur with the previous comment althogh compared with some other webcomics the use of grayscale is sparing here and doesn't intrude to much.
What really gets me is your attention to detail, the dagger on the stone in the preceding picture, the roots of trees, leaves and the animals on the road here in the final panel – simply awesome!

Brandon » 16 Jun 2010 » Reply

I'm not as much of a fan of the grayscale gradients you use on some pages, including this one. I see what they add, but I think your art is stronger (and strong enough) without them. It's kind of odd to use them as grayscale "coloring" in this select manner.

    Trav the bean » 15 Dec 2010 » Reply

    yeah i might pull it when I reprint as a huge graphic novel

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