The Bean 5
The Bean 5
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Here as promised is today’s full color update. It is sooo much more sound in color in my opinion and I look forward to catching up to the current 591 page 🙂 but that is ok- We will day. Your contributions through patreon are helping. Thank you. If you want to help you can donate a $1 per color update. Only 2 a week. Every bit helps, every bit makes it possible to dedicate more time to this incredible endeavor we are embarking on. I cannot do this with out your incredible support. Thank you for those that are lightening this burden so I can create time to one keep the bean free online and 2 create time to get this job done.

Keep creating.




Story Weaver » 21 Sep 2010 » Reply

Will the colored version of THE BEAN be available for sale someday?

    Trav the bean » 24 Sep 2010 » Reply

    one day it will- right now the b/w version is which will help fund the color version.

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