The Bean 4
The Bean 4
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Good morning- I am moving forward with coloring the Bean. I am very excited about this new adventure for me and would love to have you come along for the ride. If you have noticed for only a $1 per color update (only 2 a week) you can help me add color to the Bean. Each time a patron offers their assistance it frees up more time for me to dedicate to this incredible project.  Plus you will get to see things no-one else will.

I will still post the comic for free on this site. I want people to enjoy the adventure and the story and most importantly share it with others.

Thank you for support- your help and your love of the story. It keeps me going



Mr Domain » 13 Aug 2021 » Reply

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

siehjin » 27 Apr 2011 » Reply

hi! i just stumbled on this comic. love it so far!

but i'm a little mystified – all the commenters are talking about how great the colour is, but i'm seeing it in black and white. am i missing something? =)

    Trav the bean » 27 Apr 2011 » Reply

    Thanks- and no you are not crazy- we colored the first 11 pages at one time but the artist couldn't commit like he originally thought so instead of the sock of color to b/w i just revamped back to b/w. It will be in color one day. That i promise you.

    trav » 3 Jul 2014 » Reply

    color has since returned to the bean

historyofodd » 16 Sep 2010 » Reply

That's some beautiful work Travis, well done sir!

Jeremy Mohler » 15 Sep 2010 » Reply

Ben, I really do love your color work on these pages. You guys make a fantastic team.

    ironhenry » 15 Sep 2010 » Reply

    Hey Jer, thanks a lot. Hope all is going well with you.

    Trav the bean » 15 Sep 2010 » Reply

    thanks man- ben does a fantastic job

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