The Bean 96
The Bean 96
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patreonsmalladGood morning- working hard on getting everything color- I wish it could be quicker, but I am only one guy and so I apologize for having only two updates a week- one old – one new. I know it makes for the story seem to take forever.

I will keep moving forward- promise- and once I get caught up on the old files I will be able to push the story faster. Just being one guy though makes it tough.

Thank you again for your patience and dedication.

Keep creating



timmothy » 4 Sep 2010 » Reply

You gotta love Groggle!

Brandon » 16 Jun 2010 » Reply

I dunno why but I especially love this panel of the kitchen. Maybe it's the angle and the compartmentalizing of all those ovens / shelves / cupboards 🙂 After that last incredibly dramatic page, how could you switch us back to Ravna and Groggle! 😉 For the climax, of course, well done! It is good to be back with Ravna too, I am enjoying her character development!

    Trav the bean » 15 Dec 2010 » Reply

    Ravna is a huge part of the story- i just can't leave her section in the dark:)

    As for the kitchen. I am content with it, though i think it is still small….maybe gort should consider renovating

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