Cover update issue 6


Issue 6 cover is now finished- Just click on the pic for a bigger look see. Also I am starting issue 7 tonight. I am really excited about that. Plus I finished the script on issue 8. It was an emotional ride for me. Anyways more to come later.


Issue 6 Cover Update and book updates.

Well it seems that inspiration has returned. Especially in the direction of the coloring for Issue 6’s cover. You can click the pick for a larger view. The book is moving really smoothly right now and is in edits. That means it should go to press in about a week or so depending on how many corrections I need to do.

Thank goodness for editors. Especially since I struggle with spelling anyhoo:)

I have added shadows now to the cover and still have some more work on it to do. My goal is to finish it this evening and add highlights and hopefully have a finished piece for tomorrow.

There are some spoilers in the cover, yet that is how it is. If you want to find out ahead of time what is going on in the storyline I would encourage you to buy the books at the store.

Anyways happy speculating