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Issue 6 cover is now finished- Just click on the pic for a bigger look see. Also I am starting issue 7 tonight. I am really excited about that. Plus I finished the script on issue 8. It was an emotional ride for me. Anyways more to come later.


Issue 6 Cover Update and book updates.

Well it seems that inspiration has returned. Especially in the direction of the coloring for Issue 6’s cover. You can click the pick for a larger view. The book is moving really smoothly right now and is in edits. That means it should go to press in about a week or so depending on how many corrections I need to do.

Thank goodness for editors. Especially since I struggle with spelling anyhoo:)

I have added shadows now to the cover and still have some more work on it to do. My goal is to finish it this evening and add highlights and hopefully have a finished piece for tomorrow.

There are some spoilers in the cover, yet that is how it is. If you want to find out ahead of time what is going on in the storyline I would encourage you to buy the books at the store.

Anyways happy speculating



@scottking » 13 Aug 2010 » Reply

Reminds me of the old "BONE" covers.

Have you noticed any change in readership by releasing the books ahead of the webcomic? It seems like you would get less hits since it is content book-readers have seen, but upon thinking about it, it's probably a different demographic that buys the book than those that follow the webcomic.

    Trav the bean » 13 Aug 2010 » Reply

    A huge fan of bone- I think Jeff Smith created the right production model for his books.

    as for changes. Actually the readership is growing online. Yet I think that is for several reasons. Yet as for releasing the books ahead of the series, you are right it does hit a whole new demographic, yet it still touches this one as well. I have had many of my readers here buy the series so far, because they don't want to wait for that twice a week update. Hence one of the reason I blog a lot it allows me to chat with them still after they have bought the books.

    Also those that have bought the series have been really good about not divulging secrets:)

    Yet the real reason is I owe it to them(previous fans). I tried to do the series twice before and failed. This way is working so I post it online for free as a huge thanks to those that supported me in the past. Yet I work really hard to keep the story going for them so I try and produce the books as quickly as I can so that they can continue to enjoy my tale. I thought about update 3 or 4 times a week online, yet i really like the 80 page buffer I have created.

    Sorry I started to ramble scott, I hope that makes sense.

      @scottking » 13 Aug 2010 » Reply

      No ramble. I was sincerely curious about the model and how it was working. You explained it well.

      My biggest hesitation for trying something like this is fear about readers majorly spoiling things for those reading it only online, but it seems to be working so far for you.

        Trav the bean » 13 Aug 2010 » Reply

        there is some teasing going at times:) yet i also have the power to delete comments- I haven't had the need to do it yet. That's a fine line and I might even create the spoiler thread for those that are ahead in the books. I keep a fine eye on comments. Many of my readers – though that seems to be changing- have been fans for a while and are familiar with the story already. Those that buy the books at cons etc… are usually fans of the webcomic so it really works out.

        My thoughts are as long as everyone plays nice, I don't have to be the bad guy on spoiler comments. Though I think there should be a place for them – I just haven't created that yet:)

Scott » 13 Aug 2010 » Reply

Things were already starting to look serious but now they're not kidding around.

    Trav the bean » 13 Aug 2010 » Reply

    as you will find out soon enough- you'll understand that the goblins are a little miffed

Scott » 12 Aug 2010 » Reply

What a great cover. Great job as always!

Hoomi » 12 Aug 2010 » Reply

Looks great! Earlier previews, I didn't spot that extra hand in the hiding spot, indicating a silenced enemy beside him.

    Trav the bean » 13 Aug 2010 » Reply

    🙂 hehehehehe well if he wasn't silenced than he would give away his position

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