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It was requested and I listened. Yet I will hope that you remember that this is a pretty project and I will add as I can. Just click on the picture and start your journey into the World of the Broken Moon.

There is also a menu for this on the top, so you can back track that way.

I would hope that you would excuse the grammar and spelling. It will be edited shortly, the main goal was to get it in place, so people could enjoy a little more back story. There are some spoilers so be weary as you read through. Some sections are also vague and some not done(actually a lot), but I didn’t want to ruin the tale and I will adding more up as the story progresses.

Also I am only going to be adding color to this section. So be patient. It will be worth it. I color things here and there, but remember the main focus is to finish the story and not get lost in the encyclopedia. Something I usually do anyways:)

Have a very creative day and enjoying skipping through the pages.



Steve » 24 Sep 2010 » Reply

whoa…. AWESOME!!! Talk about a developed comic. You've really done your work on this story & world Trav, and it shows. Thanks for sharing some of this with us. It makes you proud to be a reader of a webcomic that gives so much attention to its story and giving extra goodies to the readers.

    Trav the bean » 24 Sep 2010 » Reply

    Still much to do steve, but I am excited that you are enjoying it. My main goal is to make it functional 🙂 and fun to browse through- I also plan to link things up as well, but only after I am done with the editing. That way you can click on a word like goblin and jump right to that page:)

      Steve » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

      I kinda got the idea from looking at these pages that that was your goal. Sounds very neat; a broken moon encyclopedia! Also, if it's complete and the comic is much farther along (thinking future here) it could help new readers just jump right in if they don't want to go through hundreds of pages of archives… but they'd be crazy not to. 🙂 Still, if they just jumped in after reading a few recent strips, whenever something unfamiliar pops up they could just do a quick search in the "encyclopedia".

      I look forward to seeing this develop.

        Trav the bean » 27 Sep 2010 » Reply

        there will be some of that. It is going to take some time though.

        Actually though I have found more people wanting to just buy the comics for the back story and get ahead of whats going on. That even makes the encyclopedia a little trickier:) cause i don't want to put spoilers in.

        My main goal though is just to have fun with it

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