Explore the Broken Moon

It was requested and I listened. Yet I will hope that you remember that this is a pretty project and I will add as I can. Just click on the picture and start your journey into the World of the Broken Moon.

There is also a menu for this on the top, so you can back track that way.

I would hope that you would excuse the grammar and spelling. It will be edited shortly, the main goal was to get it in place, so people could enjoy a little more back story. There are some spoilers so be weary as you read through. Some sections are also vague and some not done(actually a lot), but I didn’t want to ruin the tale and I will adding more up as the story progresses.

Also I am only going to be adding color to this section. So be patient. It will be worth it. I color things here and there, but remember the main focus is to finish the story and not get lost in the encyclopedia. Something I usually do anyways:)

Have a very creative day and enjoying skipping through the pages.