new color page and bean commentary- spoilesque questions allowed

Hi all.

New color page is and issue 6 should go on sale monday. I am excited about that.

For the new page just click the image.

As you can see Ben, just keeps making the story stronger and stronger.

So let’s talk Bean. With 151 pages up I bet there are a few questions people¬† might have about the world, races, people…etc., and I am feeling inclined to answer a few. So be ware there might be and prob will be some spoilers in the comment section.

Does this mean though I will answer every question. Maybe not, I am one that does not like to ruin a story, yet I don’t mind giving tidbits etc… I like this better than commentary as well, since I am so far down the road on the story (I am illustrating page 225 right now). Honestly my main goal is to keep the tale moving.

Now, lets talk Bean, his world, and maybe some tidbits about the world etc… but I want the questions to come from you. You can ask more than one as well.



Trav the bean » 24 Sep 2010 » Reply

actually i am creating a world section:) I am pretty excited about how it is turning out.

ok forest walkers. They are rare, really rare. I will be exploring them a little late in the tale (ok much later) but I will talk about them a bit. They are though more than a ranger. To me a ranger is a tracker and hunter. The forest walker is a listener. They can literally talk to the world around them, sometimes the forest talks back, gives them insight. Yet the forest/world also has intelligence and some elements are dark and evil and chose not to help. I do not know if there are others like siv in the forest of darkleaf, but there might be. They call Siv the forest walker though, because he is prone to going for long walks at times, where he spends many an hour just listening to what the forest has to tell him.

Lurker » 23 Sep 2010 » Reply

I love this comic! The art is beautiful, as is the story so far. I've been voting for it on TWC as often as I can remember. It's definitely one of my all-time favorite webcomics.

    Trav the bean » 24 Sep 2010 » Reply

    thanks – i appreciate that. keep voting but I am hoping you tell all your friends as well.

Isaac » 23 Sep 2010 » Reply

Couldn't agree more with SpandexDoom. The Bean is extremely well paced and put together and I enjoy discovering the world through the comic itself. The Bean has quickly become my favorite comic today. Keep up the great work.

    Trav the bean » 24 Sep 2010 » Reply

    yay! well tell all your friends, let's make the circle bigger and bigger

SpandexDoom » 22 Sep 2010 » Reply

No questions for you at the moment. Just a pat on the back and a hearty handshake for a job well done.
I must say that I really enjoy reading your comic. The story seems to be well thought out, instead of just being thrown together. Your pacing is very good, with even the "slower", expository sections moving along at a good pace, never boring the reader. Your artwork is ….hmmm….delectable eye-candy is as good a description as any. And although I haven't gone back through the pages that have been colored, what I *have* seen is excellent.
What you have herre is a high quality product, with excellent production values.

    Trav the bean » 24 Sep 2010 » Reply

    thanks for making me blush:)

    and no questions…sheese…

    oh got a world section going for you as well

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