The Bean 309
The Bean 309
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So here we are- moving into the next big section of the story…. I kinda like being back underground, which I am working right now. Chapter 10 is moving along very nicely as well. I am almost done with page 10.  I have til dec 28 to finish the next 38 pages of the story.  I believe that it is really important to set strong deadlines in making a webcomic or any other project work. Too often creators, have a hard time setting a schedule and keeping it. That creates a problem when updating and you run out of buffer space, which forces the creators to cut corners and/or break their updating schedules. This actually drives me nuts. Which is why I set goals (that are realistic) and time to work and tell my tale.  Plus the story moves along quicker.

Speaking of stories- The Bean vol 1:Riddles and Shrooms is at the printer. Many I am excited. We should have the books in the beginning of novemeber. Thanks again for all the support.

Well back to work- I have a schedule to maintain and a story to tell.

OH- if any one needs to talk or vent about the last couple of updates, I am ready to talk –




idd » 23 Nov 2011 » Reply

Perhaps this is a different Troll and rhyming could be an affection of all of them. Talking to one's self has to be pretty boring, so maybe singing makes it more of a challenge.?

    Trav the bean » 28 Nov 2011 » Reply

    people sang a lot more in olden times. it was used to pass time. Being completely wired to sound is a much newer notion and we forget how much original songs once floated about. Look at nursery rhymes and poems, even drinking songs. Many of our own songs and such have long been forgotten.

    It's also a great way to pass the time.


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