The Bean 309
The Bean 309
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So here we are- moving into the next big section of the story…. I kinda like being back underground, which I am working right now. Chapter 10 is moving along very nicely as well. I am almost done with page 10.  I have til dec 28 to finish the next 38 pages of the story.  I believe that it is really important to set strong deadlines in making a webcomic or any other project work. Too often creators, have a hard time setting a schedule and keeping it. That creates a problem when updating and you run out of buffer space, which forces the creators to cut corners and/or break their updating schedules. This actually drives me nuts. Which is why I set goals (that are realistic) and time to work and tell my tale.  Plus the story moves along quicker.

Speaking of stories- The Bean vol 1:Riddles and Shrooms is at the printer. Many I am excited. We should have the books in the beginning of novemeber. Thanks again for all the support.

Well back to work- I have a schedule to maintain and a story to tell.

OH- if any one needs to talk or vent about the last couple of updates, I am ready to talk –