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The Bean 310
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Well, after reading yesterdays posts i felt that i needed to be quiet until today:)Sorry the collector has not returned…

Well some really cool things have happened with the Ben vol 1: Riddles and Shrooms… I signed off the proofs yesterday and it is on its way to print. In fact the books and bindery should be done by the 24th or so… Which means I will have the books in november. I am really jazzed and cannot wait to share them with you.

well keep creating!




Chris » 6 Jan 2012 » Reply

I thought so; the text looked different.

Kiarelle » 23 Oct 2011 » Reply

Love this new character design. And the book looks gorgeous.

Mercy » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

What? Is this another troll? I thought there was only one of the Red Rock Trolls still around. Obviously not human…wrong ears.

By the way, whatever those fuzzy little things in the foreground are…I want one for a pet!

    travsthebean » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

    oh… there are survivors 🙂 not many but there are survivors.

    as for the fuzzy little rodents…. you can have one:)

A.C. » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

Dagnabbits Trav! Yes I said Dagnabbits, PLURAL! I'm so confounded one alone isn't enough!!!! *shakes bottle of Fanta threateningly*

I must say you REALLY had me going with 'page' 309 though. Well played Sir, well played. *takes invisible hat off*

And apparently Firefox thinks I should be saying Jackrabbits instead, oh-kayyyy… )_)

    travsthebean » 24 Oct 2011 » Reply

    you are welcome- i am glad i was able to play my hand so well

Hoomi » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

Gotta love an unexpected twist!

sfbell09 » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

Things get murkier! Excellent

Scott » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

Hopefully it's someone who can save Siv's butt. Gort? Nah, Gort's fine. Well, "fine" as in "seething with inhuman rage". I have a feeling he plans on taking the goblin's debt out of their hides. Perhaps literally.

    travsthebean » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

    am i that predictable?? 🙂

      m_cars » 15 Oct 2011 » Reply

      I would have guessed Gort is gone, so, no. 😉

glennnnnnn » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

Somebody new who looks friendly. Its the old double trick ! 8o

Dormin » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

Question. Is part of the corruption effects on weavers the need of rhyming songs?

    travsthebean » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

    no- he's just singing an old tune to himself –

    The corruption of the weave by use varies by each race. Symptoms of the corruption are delusional behavior, paranoia, irrational action, dependency on the weave, aggressive tendencies, mental breakdown. they become a danger to themselves and society.

    Yet some races are immune to the effects of the weave, partly because it is a natural part of them.

    So here is the breakdown-
    The first are the races that suffer from the corruption of the weave-
    Red Rock Trolls- High-tolerance to the weave, they were the first to discover it's powers and teach the other races how to use it. Can pull and enhance vegetation from the earth, plus can control other elements such as fire and smoke.
    Humans- Mid tolerance. – to be revealed
    Elves- Mid Tolerance. Can embed a part of themselves into objects.
    Scavengers- High Tolerance

    Due to the high mental and emotional strain, the weavers of the above races use a variety of tricks, illusions and potions to achieve their goals…. (like the collector)
    The next group are races who the weave has embedded into them and do not suffer from the corruption that casting a weave creates, these races are effected in other ways.
    Earth-dwellers- have a strong sense of navigation and cannot get lost.
    Ogres- heightened healing abilities
    Stone Trolls-
    Then there are the races that are immune to many aspects of the weave, but cannot weave themselves.

Onasaki » 14 Oct 2011 » Reply

Aw.. that's not our buddy. T_T

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