The Bean 381
The Bean 381
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Time for the next chapter-  11-

Huge prep for phoenix comicon going on right now. It’s getting exciting, this is prob one of my favorite shows. Anyways I will be posting more info in my newsletter this week.

Also some new prints are coming.

Keep creating



Trav the bean » 30 May 2012 » Reply

I am so glad to hear that- Jeff's smith bone started that for me-

Grey Matter » 16 May 2012 » Reply

I wake up every day hoping it's either Monday or Thursday so I can read another page of this epic.

Hoomi » 14 May 2012 » Reply

Have fun in Phoenix, Trav. I wish we were going to see you there, but we will be scuba diving in Mexico that weekend instead.

sfbell09 » 14 May 2012 » Reply

Can't wait for the next chapter. Great fountain.

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