The Bean 382
The Bean 382
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We start into chapter 11 today, that’s a good thing.

Also it’s a week and a half to phoenix comicon. I still have a lot to do and work on to prep for this show and the one after it. I’ll be posting info and new prints on mondays update, including where we will be.

Thanks for everything and the positive feedback, I sure needed it. Anyways, I’ll be in and out for a bit. Just remember to keep creating….



Joost » 18 May 2012 » Reply

Great page! Is that a picture of "the two towers" hanging above his desk?

    Ben » 18 May 2012 » Reply

    Orthanc and Mount Doom?

    trav » 18 May 2012 » Reply

    …uh… for the record:) i am going to say that one can pay homage to the stories he loves by placing small tidbits of them in his work – as a nod of appreciation and motivation. So to answer the question- maybe:)

    by the way- i love mr.tolkiens works and world

txgecko » 17 May 2012 » Reply

oooh, alphabet! does it actually mean something, or is it just page-filler?

    trav » 18 May 2012 » Reply

    there is meaning to these pages- they are not filler at all- and if you watch the next couple of days you will see clues to what bean learns

Mercy » 17 May 2012 » Reply

I think it's so neat the way you vary perspective with your pages. This one is particularly sharp and clear. I can almost see the warm sunlight falling across the floor.

Cat » 17 May 2012 » Reply

well, if he doesn't learn the history, how can he keep from repeating the same mistakes. Boring as it may be, learning the history of the sword will likely help him in the future.

    trav » 18 May 2012 » Reply

    even the learned still make the same mistakes, don't they? one must remember books were never the high point of the bean's daily routine. So he might enjoy them a little – he is unaccustomed to studying long periods at a time. Though if he paid attention just a little more – he might find something that could help.

Odo » 17 May 2012 » Reply

It's time for — homework.

The Bean is just a kid. He doesn't really want to be a savior, but he's trapped and now — to add to the burden — he has to study up on what's happening.

    trav » 18 May 2012 » Reply

    sucks doesnt it?

sfbell09 » 17 May 2012 » Reply

No one likes having to sit inside, studying on a beautiful day. Of course most people do not have to save the world either.

    trav » 18 May 2012 » Reply

    who says the day is beautiful on the outside

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