The Bean 686
The Bean 686
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Into the dark we go….

Working on a webcomic/comic is not an easy task. It takes a lot of personal drive and sacrifice. Webcomics and indy comics are usually one person shows as well. We write, pencil, ink and color. There is little fanfare most of the time and sometimes it can take a long time to push through story plots. Yet as the comic grows, so does the ability to see the vision of the creator.  Hitting page 686 has kind of sunk that into my brain. I know you wait weekly for the next page, but I also know that if you sit back and re-read, the story becomes quite clear.  Going to full color was a tough choice, but in my opinion worth it. It has really changed the emotional output of the story and has brought new life into old pages. I love how it is coming out.

I look forward to getting more pages up soon. Now that I have a little more time- I can jump back into early page coloring. These stories are a labor of love and for the most part don’t pay the bills… but I still tell the story and I still love telling it and I will keep doing so, until it is done. I sure have appreciated all the support and strength you guys have continued to throw my way and i look forward to where this journey is going together.

Thank you again and keep creating




A.C. » 7 May 2016 » Reply

Okay so, this is really silly I know, but the thing that stuck out to me on reading this was the last panel!!! O_O
I can’t unsee that creatures expression (not in a bad way though, I love it!!!)
It’s as if he’s thinking… “What? WHAT!??! Hey dude, don’t look at me like that! I had NOTHING to do with it! Okay!??! Oh sure, the ground suddenly gives way and EVERYONE blames the big guy in the shadows!!!” *Sniff* “It ain’t right, I tells ya! IT AIN’T RIGHT!!!!”

Ahem, yeah, sorry. )_)

bryanew710 » 2 May 2016 » Reply

Did he fall?

    rfaramir » 4 May 2016 » Reply

    It's really unclear. I hope we find out next week… There is no indication in the looking-down frames of how many feet are still up top, 2 pairs or 3? And no trace of the first guy falling down into darkness. It could be either situation.

    The critter in the last panel is cool, but I'm confused as to where he is. The previous two panels were definitely downward-looking, making it seem as if the perspective is changing to be the bottom of the chasm under the wood, so maybe that's where the critter is. But the lighting in his panel is the same as the first two panels, making it seem as if they look up from the hole at their feet and see the critter before them (or behind them). If the critter were in the hole, it would be dark, not green-lit.

    Just_IDD » 5 May 2016 » Reply

    Queue the ironic and karmic retribution from starting to say "trust me". It is nearly as foreboding and predictive as the phrase "hey watch this" is for impending self stupidity.

Celidah » 2 May 2016 » Reply

Well…that's not good.

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