“Like a flower in the garden the success of it’s beauty is cultivated through months of nurturing and caring.  Creating original art and stories are the same… for months and years the world seems to be against or just ignores you, yet in the end… the beauty of ones endurance shines through and the critics […]

We learn a little more of our mysterious new elf. I would also recommend going back and reading the first few 100 pages- a little bit more of the puzzle is completed. Also I have had the opportunity to go and play a bit with watercolors. It has been 14 years. I am using a […]

This week is Emerald City Comic Con- I will be there doing a kickstarter panel at this show. If you are in the area stop on by, it’s going to be an awesome week. Also I have a tumblr account- just another outlet for my creativity. I am also changing my artwork section again- I […]

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