The Bean 366
The Bean 366
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We learn a little more of our mysterious new elf. I would also recommend going back and reading the first few 100 pages- a little bit more of the puzzle is completed.

Also I have had the opportunity to go and play a bit with watercolors. It has been 14 years. I am using a watercolor brush/pen. It has been fantastic. I am creating pieces for my next show. limited and one of a kind.

Here is the 2nd one….

I hope you enjoy them- i will have more later.

also help us keep the art flowing- visit the store –



day phun xam » 17 Jan 2020 » Reply

great work
Read more at day noi mi tai da nang

Ben » 23 Mar 2012 » Reply

Yet his mascara proves him to be evil.

    trav » 23 Mar 2012 » Reply

    struggled with the sunken eye thing- though he might be wearing mascara

lithicbee » 22 Mar 2012 » Reply

Ganadon! That's the name I was trying to remember, and yet… I smell a ruse.

Those watercolors look great!

    trav » 22 Mar 2012 » Reply

    a ruse….? oh heavens no:)

    glad you like the watercolors as well.

      lithicbee » 22 Mar 2012 » Reply

      For some reason I am waiting for fake elf ears to fall off this "Ganadon." *shrug*

      Danielle just saw the watercolors and she gave them a big thumbs up, too.

        Trav the bean » 22 Mar 2012 » Reply

        nope the ears are legit:) the sword is real as well:)

        oh cool i am so glad she like them

          cat » 23 Mar 2012 »

          Ok, so the question is, was alive all this time, did he rise from the dead for some reason, or has his spirit possessed some unsuspecting elf?

          trav » 23 Mar 2012 »

          All i will say is remember the tale that bean was originally told about the sword….

sfbell09 » 22 Mar 2012 » Reply

The water colors are wonderful. I like both of them. The colors are excellent as are the expressions on both subjects.

    trav » 22 Mar 2012 » Reply

    thank you- i have had a lot of fun returning to the medium that is important to me

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