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The Bean 365
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“Like a flower in the garden the success of it’s beauty is cultivated through months of nurturing and caring.  Creating original art and stories are the same… for months and years the world seems to be against or just ignores you, yet in the end… the beauty of ones endurance shines through and the critics become silent.”

wondercon is done, I will post an update in a bit, though I saw a lot of wonderful people and really enjoyed the good experiences. Also retired an image and I will be pulling it from the store.

Plus if your into the bean right now, I guess that is why you are here. Now is the time to go back and reread- especially if you have the books. Things are starting to be revealed in better clarity that were told to a young dishwasher not to long ago.

Also take a moment and listen in on a podcast i was privileged to be a part of about making comics. It’s a 2 part podcast with Jeremy Barlow and Jason Brubaker  (who I only saw once at wondercon). It was fantastic to hang out for a moment with such incredible talent. Just click the making comics image below…

Keep creating!