The Bean 367
The Bean 367
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This week is Emerald City Comic Con- I will be there doing a kickstarter panel at this show. If you are in the area stop on by, it’s going to be an awesome week.

Also I have a tumblr account- just another outlet for my creativity. I am also changing my artwork section again- I am not pleased with a few things and I am looking at improving things.

Thanks again for all the support and…. Kickstarter rewards start going out this week, look in your mail:)



Ruthie » 7 Dec 2012 » Reply

The second frame here wound make an awesome bookmark, and could feature any one of the amazing quotes I keep finding in your comic.

Scott » 27 Mar 2012 » Reply

Excellent page! Now the question is if Bean's outburst can make him hold his actions.

    trav » 27 Mar 2012 » Reply

    that will remain to be seen on thursday:)

Scott » 27 Mar 2012 » Reply

Why o why don't you have an editor? You do very well, but there are the odd grammar and spelling mistakes that stand out like a sore thumb! You've got to have a friend with English skills … please – use him … or her 🙂

    trav » 27 Mar 2012 » Reply

    all the bugs will be worked out before print- i swear

lithicbee » 26 Mar 2012 » Reply

If I recall correctly, after Ganadon was defeated, his sword was broken and two new swords were forged from it. Bean has one of those swords now.

    trav » 26 Mar 2012 » Reply

    you are correct- yet as for ganadon- he wasnt defeated- he was betrayed.

lithicbee » 26 Mar 2012 » Reply

Have fun in Seattle. We almost moved there instead of Northern California, and I was looking forward to the ECCC of all things, but hopefully (for me) WonderCon will be back in SF next year.

Soooo…. either Bean is seeing this happen right now in a dream or (my vote, since the sword is whole in the vision), he is seeing visions of the past now that he is connected to the sword.

    Grey Matter » 26 Mar 2012 » Reply

    Either way, at least we know Bean is alive and awake (finally). 🙂

      trav » 26 Mar 2012 » Reply

      yes bean is awake finally- thank goodness- i get tired of drawing him asleep

    Gillsing » 26 Mar 2012 » Reply

    Wasn't there two swords though? Or am I just imagining allusions to something like that?

    trav » 26 Mar 2012 » Reply

    thank you and we should be up there for ape….:) we'll see what happens to wondercon.

    As for bean- you are close to the truth-yet put your 2nd answer today with this one…and you will find your self even closer to the right path

sfbell09 » 26 Mar 2012 » Reply

Best wishes for the con. Another excellent page. Re-read books 1-8 this weekend. Such great material when seen in a larger view like that.

    trav » 26 Mar 2012 » Reply

    thanks and thanks- Yeah that's the way it is best read- it makes it sooooo much easier to capture the entire story

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