The Bean 155
The Bean 155
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SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

That thing he has around his neck. It looks rather like the symbol on the sword…

Artie » 6 Oct 2010 » Reply

This dude is a great character!!
I'm rooting for for you Collector!!

Hoomi » 4 Oct 2010 » Reply

This makes me wonder who is in more danger – the Collector, or the goblins?

    Mutters » 4 Oct 2010 » Reply

    Collector, by virtue of being crazy and Law of the ninjas mook corollary.

    Trav the bean » 4 Oct 2010 » Reply

    guess we are going to find out

      Hoomi » 5 Oct 2010 » Reply

      Yeah, the way things are positioned right now, I wouldn't put any money on either side. The goblins have numerical superiority and obvious weapons. The Collector has a high potential for the berzerker advantage, and while I don't recall having seen him with a weapon, that doesn't mean he doesn't have one.

        Trav the bean » 6 Oct 2010 » Reply

        you never know what might be up his sleeve:)

          DianaJ » 22 Oct 2010 »

          man, you are such a teaser. Keep your audience craving for more. lol..
          You are a true storyteller. 🙂

          Trav the bean » 6 Nov 2010 »

          I try … the main thing is to have fun

LadyOtter » 4 Oct 2010 » Reply

hm. Bipolar guy much? lol

Mutters » 4 Oct 2010 » Reply

… That is more than three goblins.

co0kiel0rd » 4 Oct 2010 » Reply

The collector's reaction to the betrayal as well as to the approaching strangers – simply great!

    Trav the bean » 4 Oct 2010 » Reply

    I think it helps show a little more of his madness, being able to jump from one emotion to another.

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