The Bean 156
The Bean 156
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Rune » 8 Apr 2011 » Reply

I want that coat.

    Trav the bean » 9 Apr 2011 » Reply

    try a local thrift store:) that is where i got mine- though had made works as well

Dreaming Pixel » 13 Oct 2010 » Reply

As glad as I am that Bean escaped him, I must say I really enjoy the collector. Probably the mix of eloquence and menace. I'd be interested in meeting more trolls (which I assume will be happening down the line) and see what he has in common with them versus what makes his character unique.

    Trav the bean » 14 Oct 2010 » Reply

    There will be more- though the collector has a place in my heart – he is such a complex creature…

yoddlet » 8 Oct 2010 » Reply

I love your comic, I read it all tonight! Every update is brilliant in its art, but the story is played over a great arc, much like a good book, rather than trying to be everything in every page (like hollywood).
Though it saddens me to see the goblins once again being reduced to "evil". I have great hopes, about trolls and goblins more than the sword, but that's probably just me.

    Trav the bean » 9 Oct 2010 » Reply

    Why thank you . I believe that breaking the "mold" is important.

    As for goblins- i like breaking molds. I never called them evil, i treat them as manipulated to a degree and also expansionist like every one else. The goblins though are a very aggressive race…yet as you read you will notice that they are not always controlled by goblin leaders.

    As for trolls, keep the faith:) evil though is in the eye of the beholder as well. When only one moment of their life is shown it is easy to drop the label on them. Since this is epic you will learn not all trolls are bad or ogres and you will also learn not all humans, elves and earthdwellers are good.

Raggy » 8 Oct 2010 » Reply

Just caught up with the rest of you, fantastic artwork alround, my favourite has to be where you'd pan left into the darkness when the scene was underground then the next page would start off with dirt and undergrowth before it continued above ground! ….I talk to much.. This would be my second fantasy favourite I've ever read next to LOTR's

    Trav the bean » 9 Oct 2010 » Reply

    you can talk all you want- i actually enjoy it. I love hearing what people like and where it takes them. I am also honored that you put me up there with LOTR

co0kiel0rd » 8 Oct 2010 » Reply

Yow, Goblins are ugly^^

Also I'm curious about the deal he and the goblins had, and how the goblin men failed him.

dadoom » 7 Oct 2010 » Reply

very cool

Hoomi » 7 Oct 2010 » Reply

"Tell me, troll, why are you here?" Seems to me, I've wanted to ask that same question of some trolls on internet forums I've frequented…

Mutters » 7 Oct 2010 » Reply

O.o so the trolls hired the goblins to help them with something? Was it just the collector and a small group or was it an alliance between nations or tribes? Grah… so many questions! Keep up the Awesome work!

    Trav the bean » 7 Oct 2010 » Reply

    there is always a bit of truth with the collector. Always a bit of truth, the key is figuring out what is truth and what is….. well illusion

Chris » 7 Oct 2010 » Reply

I love the use of shadow on the goblin's features….

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