The Bean 174
The Bean 174
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Good morning-

Lets do questions. I think since we’ve hit 174 pages, now would be a fun time to have a little Q&A. Mind the spoilers and remember, just cause you ask doesn’t mean I will spill all the beans:) Yet I will be pretty open about answering on anything relating to the bean…. almost anything on the bean:) I don’t plan to spoil the surprises though.

Also go check out

Moon Town by Steve Ogden. This is a gem and a rare one at that, but I hope you take a moment and give his fantastic tale a read. I read it in a morning and the art and story is pretty dang fantastic. I hope to see a lot more of steve’s work. It was the art and detail that caught my eye and then the story pulled me in. Steve gets it and I am really glad he does cause it is a fantastic read.

Issue 7 update: Ok 17 pages left to ink. It’s looking good. Hopefully I will knock off the full 17 in the next two weeks. Yet we shall see. Just chugging through an emotionally tough part of the story.:)

Well keep creating and looking forward to seeing where this all goes.