The Bean 181
The Bean 181
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Well it is done. I have finally got all the prints up in the Travs Art section. You can now go through them all, you can like them, you can tweet them, you can comment on them… I wanted to make it a much more interactive section than I had before and I am very pleased with it.

I still though have to add the pieces to the commission section, which I will do on another day.

Plus look for other changes. I am thinking of creating a condensed character section for bean as well. I figure it will make things easy for those that just want to see who’s who instead of roaming the world.

The site is a constant work in progress. I want to make sure that it is easy to navigate and that it is visually pleasing. So keep your eyes out. I might even …. ok actually I am going to throw more spot illustrations into the mix as well.


Today is it, you need to get your artwork in today and I will announce the winner on Monday’s update. Just email me the image.

Well have an incredible weekend and I look forward to seeing what people come up with. Have fun and keep creating…



Micael Wisner » 17 Dec 2010 » Reply

This comic is absolutely stunning! I'm surprised it's not more famous. I like it's cartoony style, and the depth you put into it.

    Trav the bean » 19 Dec 2010 » Reply

    Thanks mike – I am not worried about being famous. I just want to tell a good story and I am glad you like it.

Acantha » 17 Dec 2010 » Reply

I like how everybody just looks so… soggy. I would say I wish it would rain here, but it's too cold for me to go outside to run around in the mud anyway (What's that you say? Act my age?? So, you're saying it's not normal for 20-something year olds to play in the rain? … I don't believe you.)

    Trav the bean » 19 Dec 2010 » Reply

    that's part of the details I talk about. I try really hard to make you feel that you are part of what is going on. If its raining i want you to feel soaked. If it's cold I want you to freeze.

    Plus- your never too old to act like a kid.

Celtic Traveler » 17 Dec 2010 » Reply

Oh no! Poor Siv!
This is my favorite Bean page yet. I can’t imagine a movie being more thrilling than this.

    Trav the bean » 17 Dec 2010 » Reply

    🙂 i am excited you see this as a movie- there's even a soundtrack….though it's in my head most of the time:)

      Acantha » 17 Dec 2010 » Reply

      Oh, is there a particular song you think of at this part? Tell me what it is so I can look it up. Or is it one of those songs that only exists in your head?

        Trav the bean » 19 Dec 2010 » Reply

        This section the music is more of where siv is making his way through the camp. I actually did this part about a year ago and I am working on a new section which the music I am using is Adagio for Strings by Barber

        I have a library of about 150 to 200 songs that I am using for this piece and it keeps getting added to all the time.

Co0kieL0rd » 17 Dec 2010 » Reply

Now I see, Siv's carelessness triggered an earlier attack on heartleaf than originally planned. That's nasty.

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