The Bean 182
The Bean 182
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tap…tap…tap is this thing on?

Ahem…. Ok it is time to announce the winner of the Fan Art Contest. Remember it was not based on how well you drew, but the fact that you submitted. Which was then thrown all to together and pulled randomly from a hat. Really hi-tech.

Yet I am really excited about all the entries and the response this little contest generated and I think that there is a lot more contest in the future. Yet not just for comics as the prize but inks as well.

So let give an incredible round of applause for Roland Hansson of Sweden. You’ll be getting the books soon.

So lets take a look at the fanart- everyone that entered has done incredible job and I look forward to seeing more artwork. Also some of the fan art is characters that have not yet entered into the story.

Thanks again for your participation.