The Bean 184
The Bean 184
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So how has the tale been so far….?



Emma » 21 May 2011 » Reply

It`s great! It was a little slow at the beginning, though.

Harrowed » 13 Apr 2011 » Reply

I don't talk much on comic post areas, but Bean is awesome!

MrWiL » 7 Jan 2011 » Reply

I am so glad I stumbled across The Bean. The story is building with such a steady ferocious pace I can't wait for everything to really start happening!

The art is so engaging and so well suited to the story.


Mercy » 27 Dec 2010 » Reply

So far, one of the best webcomics I've ever seen. Beautiful use of line and shade, rich landscapes, and characters that make you care about them.

Richard » 25 Dec 2010 » Reply

Wow – This must be a trick question.
Well it is very good.
If I must place a wish list then here it is. I wish every panel was colored and I wish the pace was a bit faster. Though if you changed any of it, it would not be the same story and much of the appeal would be lost. I could beg to do a panel, pinup or page, though I really can't say it would do more for the story.

I suppose I would like to see a contest of having the fans design a creature race or some such encounter for the characters in the future. But then it would not really be your story. It would be a completely different thing and the project would change too.

Yes I did have to dig pretty deep to find a weakness. That is how bloody good your tale has been.

Co0kieL0rd » 25 Dec 2010 » Reply

you know, I like it and ever will 😀

this time I'm sure, someones hiding in front of that tree in the last panel. and it's not Siv

John » 25 Dec 2010 » Reply

Merry Christmas!

cals » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

really great! i'm getting excited to see what's going to happen next, so keep up the good work in the new year!

Jim the Woodturner » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

Loving it so far. Great art work. Good story. On time updates. I especially love the details in the artwork that give hints of the backstory… And one wonders where Bean is right now…


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