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The Bean 219
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Ok I am working on the next newsletter and if you want in on it just click the link and send me your email address.  Just click the graphic.

What is in newsletter 2? Well I guess you are going to have to sign in and find out. Yet I will say this, it will have art and links to art that you might not be familiar with, so if you are up to it, let me know.

Issue 8 progress

Well I was booking through the pencils on issue 8 and ran into a technical story issue, so tonight I rewrote the last 8 pages. It flows so much better now and I must say I am looking forward to redrawing a few of those pages.

Also, as you can see… The story is now moving along. If you take a moment and go back and reread the entire story from the beginning you will see the vision I had. You might even catch a few things that you did not before. This is what makes it fun.

Digital Version of Issue 1

Also as some of you know I am working on a digital version of issue 1- no color, but added pages. The pages are being proofed and I will have more on that in the newsletter. I will say this, I did throw in maps.  I am excited about this venue and I will let you know what is going on soon. Prob have something about it in the next news letter.

well back to the table, I have pages to finish-



Trollsmyth » 14 Apr 2012 » Reply

Is that a rose on his sword?

Cory » 19 Mar 2011 » Reply

Tried to request for your newsletter. Is there another way besides outlook?

    idd » 19 Mar 2011 » Reply


    Just right click on the image, choose to copy the email address and paste it onto the TO field of whatever mail program you want the newsletter to go to. then pick a sensible subject like “newsletter sign up” Trav may want to look into setting up a subscription form or an email listserve, that way people can manage their own subscriptions, he should be able to set one up though his MX, It can even set up to only allow posting from particular users to cut down on spam. Adds and removes are done at the users control.

      Cory » 19 Mar 2011 » Reply

      Excellent reply, idd, thanks much! 🙂

        Trav the bean » 20 Mar 2011 » Reply

        it's nice having smarter people than i helping out:)

      Trav the bean » 20 Mar 2011 » Reply

      thanks for answering that question- i am still trying to figure much of this out – I am more of an artist than a programmer, but in time i plan to be both:)

John » 17 Mar 2011 » Reply

That sword blade has interesting reflexions… or patterns.

Hoomi » 16 Mar 2011 » Reply

Are you kidding? Half the time, we feel lucky if management knows whether it's day or night! But, hey! They've got their University of Phoenix degree hanging on the wall!

    Trav the bean » 17 Mar 2011 » Reply

    i dont think the goblins went to the university of phoenix 🙂

Hoomi » 16 Mar 2011 » Reply

Man, I guess management is the same, regardless of the species. Stand around, barking orders, telling the workers to do the obvious, and put the task ahead of worker safety!

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