The Bean 220
The Bean 220
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This page is one of those moments that I get all giddy about. There are several scenes in the Bean series that I see so clearly, that I have looked forward to drawing. This is one of them.

You’ll see a few more as the series progresses. I have always been able to see this scene really clearly and it’s one of those milestones, that shows me I am progressing doing what i need to do to tell the story correctly.

Also I have 5 pages left to pencil for book 8. I had to rewrite about 8 pages and would have been done sooner, but things happen and I really like how these new pages flow.

Newsletter 2 is also in the works and will mail sunday night so if you want in on it, just click the link. Well back to the grind, there is still much to finish.

keep creating,