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The Bean 224
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Well the week of wondercon is upon us. I am really looking forward to this show, especially to see old friend, meet some new ones and draw a bunch of free sketches. So if you are in San Francisco, stop on by and hang out with us.

This also means that the comic work will be delayed a week. The comic will still update, it’s just I have con prep to get done first. Gonna start some small ink work as well. I will post those soon.

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Andy » 29 Mar 2011 » Reply

I thought only robots could call us fleshbags.. aren't goblins just smaller meatsacks? 🙂
I like a ranger who's not too 'honourable' to backstab; war is ugly, you take the advantages you have!

D.Durand » 29 Mar 2011 » Reply

And why exactly they separated if they had discovered being picked ONE after the other ?

Do all villains in comics today have to be to dumb to live (literally) ?

    Trav the bean » 29 Mar 2011 » Reply

    ii think they panic'd as for being dumb… don't count all goblins out yet:)

Mike » 29 Mar 2011 » Reply

Hey Trav, you mentioned in your Wanderings section that if we had any good webcomics to post em here. Here's one made by a friend of mine. He draws each panel by hand using graphite on bristol, then scans it in and tweaks them to get the best look. He does the artwork and his lady does the dialog. Here's the link, hope you like it!

ps: you'll see my comments there under the handle "Neil"

    Trav the bean » 29 Mar 2011 » Reply

    i'll take a look at it, I am always looking for new good stuff

    you might though want to drop this in the comment section of the wandering page.:)

Mike » 29 Mar 2011 » Reply

Cool panel! That's what being a ranger is all about 🙂

WadeTheFade » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

I just came from, someone mentioned you there!

Looks interesting!

@Rafnasil » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

He really doesn't give Siv much reason to fight fair. And if Siv can still sneak around ranger style with that terrible side wound it means the goblin wouldn't have stood a chance anyway. But why risk it?

Bob » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

Love the pose at the end…and the facial expression. Great work!

    trav » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

    thanks bob- he’s a little grim.

Hoomi » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

The goblin should have been more specific. I believe what he really wanted was a chivalrous duel. What he got was a ranger fighting to survive. Much like that great exchange from the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie – "I would have beat you in a fair fight!"

"Well, that's really not much of an incentive for me to fight fair, now, is it?"

(Or something close to that)

    Trav the bean » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

    Survival seems to trump chivalry at the moment. He's also got a mission now…..:) besides i think even if he faced him one on one, he would have still beat him:)

Glennnn » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

Don't mess with a ranger who has an invisibility cloak !

    Trav the bean » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

    he didn\’t use an invisibility cloak:)

    the forest walker is one that can literally blend into his surroundings under the \”right\” circumstances. It makes him all the more dangerous as our little goblins found out and you are very right I would not mess with him.

Adrian » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

He´s a true rogue, that one. ^^

Still dig all your stuff. Rock on!

    Trav the bean » 28 Mar 2011 » Reply

    he is a true forest walker… 🙂 and i will rock on!


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