The Bean 223
The Bean 223
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And now there was one….

Well I am now moving into con mode. Nothing like a convention to push everything else back. Yet it is exciting and monday I will post all about the planning and where you can find us in the newsletter and online.

I also went through the back end of the store and updated the security certificate. So buying from the site should not feel so sketchy. I am also in the process of redesigning the front end of the site as well. Make things a little less 1990:.

To those that leave comments I do answer all of them and if you ask a question, be prepared for me answer back and even ask a few of my own.

Also don’t forget the digital version of issue 1 is also online now and doing well. So download your copy today… trav


Thomas » 17 Apr 2013 » Reply

"Do you hear me? I know you do."
Of course he hears you, fool, because HE'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

Steve Z » 8 Nov 2012 » Reply

The unique sword Siv carries has to have a story all its own. I'm getting more and more curious about this Siv character.

Kiarelle » 26 Mar 2011 » Reply

The Goblins expression in the second panel is priceless! Its really so perfect I laughed when I saw it, great action swipe on the bottom. I almost feel sorry for the little guy, but the Ranger will prevail I hope.

    Trav the bean » 26 Mar 2011 » Reply

    one would hope that the forest walker will prevail. It seem that the cards are stacked against this little imp…..

@Rafnasil » 25 Mar 2011 » Reply

And enter fear induced adrenalin aggression.
I can see the scenario Hoomi is thinking about, a quick death is sure preferable when compared to a slow shameful certain one in the camp.
Though the Machiavellian in me wants to know if a sure death back it the camp is indeed certain. If not, just some slight maiming I would get back as soon as I could to get heavy duty backup

    Trav the bean » 25 Mar 2011 » Reply

    the real problem is they have been chasing him for a bit. Trying to get back to the camp might not be a possibility at all- due to distance.

      John » 25 Mar 2011 » Reply

      However I would sure flee and try to find a solution afterward like telling a lie or joining an other team. I doubt they track each member of such ad-hoc teams which formed when he fled the camp… especially that the officers have died.

Hoomi » 25 Mar 2011 » Reply

In fairness, it probably wouldn't go any better for him to run back to camp with the, "I alone am escaped to tell thee," line of news. At least this way, it should be quick.

At least, *I* wouldn't want to be the one to tell the superiors back at the camp how one lone human took out an entire patrol of well-armed goblins (with the exception of myself). That's probably where he gets the idea for "flaying alive."

    Trav the bean » 25 Mar 2011 » Reply

    i personally dont think he is even considering returning to the camp and has just gone into self preservation mode.
    As for "flaying alive" the goblins enjoy doing that to some of the poor souls they find

Co0kieL0rd » 25 Mar 2011 » Reply

I feel a little sorry for that poor fool…

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