The Bean 238
The Bean 238
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Well yesterday was a fantastic day for turning 40:) Gave me a lot to think about as well and I am really looking forward to the future of the bean and where it is going to go.

Thanks for all the love.

Also remember you can get hard copies of the comics at the store

Well… back to work. There is a lot going on these days and I want to keep my commitment to my readers.



Kiarelle » 30 Apr 2011 » Reply

Oh no….I don't want them to die. Nice cliffhanger!

    Kiarelle » 30 Apr 2011 » Reply

    Also…noticing now there's faces in the rocks and trees…did you mean to do that or is it just something my very tired eyes are putting there out of nothing?

      A.C. » 1 May 2011 » Reply

      Not sure about the trees dude, but definitely seeing the faces in the rocks!!! It’s little details like that which make this comic so much fun in my humble opinion, ALWAYS something going on back there. ^_^

        Trav the bean » 1 May 2011 » Reply

        true there is always something going on back there-…. always

      Trav the bean » 1 May 2011 » Reply

      Faces??? 🙂

ursus_roboticus » 30 Apr 2011 » Reply

Uh, dude, there's faces in the rocks!

Celidah » 30 Apr 2011 » Reply


Jande » 29 Apr 2011 » Reply

Quick! Circle the wagons…uh… wagon. Wait…! O.o

Hornet » 29 Apr 2011 » Reply

Well the goblins aren't the problem.

@Rafnasil » 29 Apr 2011 » Reply

I can't imagine Per not making it. They just have to make it! Two against a horde of frenzied fiends. Brings me back to a couple of D&D adventures way back. Seriously though, how on earth are they going to get themselves out of this fix?

    Trav the bean » 1 May 2011 » Reply

    I have no idea. But if you go back to d&d for the most part…unless the dm was really cranky, you figured a way out.

      @Rafnasil » 1 May 2011 » Reply

      Our DM was a sadist of the first order, but clever and new how to do storytelling. It was often D&D goes horror in a good way.

Mike » 29 Apr 2011 » Reply

Oh no!! They're going to get slaughtered!

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