The Bean 254
The Bean 254
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Well now that we know that bean is ok- it’s time to get back to the forest….

I am working on the layout for 8 and i have started the art for 9- It’s gonna be a fun week and hopefully i will have it all done by the end of the week.

thanks for all the support



Odo » 8 Jun 2011 » Reply

Umm.. there's a minor typographical error "beautiul" rather than "beautiful". I didn't catch it until the second time I loaded the strip. 🙂

    Trav the bean » 8 Jun 2011 » Reply

    dang it… well since the book is already out- i will have to get it changed on the reprint

Jim Stitzel » 7 Jun 2011 » Reply

Also, might I suggest implementing some pretty permalinks? Might actually help your SEO ratings and make your content a little easier to index and find. Could even potentially be part of the ID problem (even though I can't think right off the top of my head why it would be).

LilFluff » 7 Jun 2011 » Reply

Well… at least he won’t have that awkward ‘nothing to do’ feeling for long.

@Rafnasil » 6 Jun 2011 » Reply

The wicked never rest, so why should you?

    Trav the bean » 7 Jun 2011 » Reply

    well i try:) but it is hard at times, that's why i believe in naps

      @Rafnasil » 7 Jun 2011 » Reply

      Behold the powerNap! Endurance restoration of Dice 4 +1!

Jim Stitzel » 6 Jun 2011 » Reply

It's never that simple.

    Trav the bean » 7 Jun 2011 » Reply

    nope never:)

      Jim Stitzel » 7 Jun 2011 » Reply

      By the way, I think there's something misconfigured in your IntenseDebate setup. The email notifications I'm getting don't have direct links to replies. I've never run into that problem before anywhere else.

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