The Bean 255
The Bean 255
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I’ve noticed that my world here has been a little quiet. I am trying to fix that.There is just a lot to do and I am trying to stay very focused on bean. In fact I have two pages of book 9 done. I am actually tackling 9 different than 8. In 8 I drew all the pencils first than I went back to ink everything. I really didn’t like that, so I am going to pencil- than ink – than start the next page. This should help me stay a little more focused.

I am also looking at wrapping books 1 through 4 (or 5) into a big book. I am starting to look at quotes and get a feel for what the page count will end up being. These thick books will be in b/w first. Color is so expensive. Yet I promise when this story is all done, I will colorize it.

Also I am looking at cleaning up things around here…. any suggestions on things you would like to see.

well back to the grind. Oh and hopefully I will have the next books out in pdf very soon.