The Bean 257
The Bean 257
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Watching Alakazam the Great, it is a cartoon from the 1960’s. I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed the tale. The animation is pretty good, though my daughter who is watching this with me just asked if this was really a kids movie. I guess it looks pretty freaky to her.

Most of the family is better, though my little big girl is still fighting with a bronchial infection. Poor thing. Though the medicine has really helped.

Well the great raids have begun in darkleaf… let us hope our young fencer can fulfill his promise.

Keep creating.



Robert H. » 14 Jun 2011 » Reply

People always believe that nothing bad can or will happen to them. Preparedness is furthest from thier minds~ Maybe some of the human holds will at least make the goblins work for thier pay…

    Trav the bean » 15 Jun 2011 » Reply

    that is a true statement. I look at the years leading up to wwII – big cities and comfortable apartments and homes all turned into hell hole in the following years. People need to pay more attention to what is going on around them.

    I do think some held out against the goblins or at least tried

      Robert H. » 18 Jun 2011 » Reply

      Katrina, tornadoes (sp?), and floods- nobody is ready. War is just another form of disaster. And I should think you'd know if some held out!

      As usual, thanks for sharing your world! I've been showing your comic to a few artists, and think you've gained a couple more readers… Craig loves the B&W stuff, loves the hidden faces (which I showed him-) He then he spent the next hour looking for more…

        Trav the bean » 28 Jun 2011 » Reply

        that is true- though i do believe you can be semi-prepared 🙂 I am so glad you are showing the comic to others and that people are enjoying it. IT helps keep me going.

A.C. » 13 Jun 2011 » Reply

And the arrows they did burn,
As the people ran and screamed,
Whilst below brave Fencer ran,
His will, fierce, and keen.

But for the goblin guarding the rear,
Something else, was on his mind,
“Who the HELL is reading poetry!?!?” he said,
To the unseen voice from behind.

Hope the kid gets well soon by the way. 😉

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