The Bean 264
The Bean 264
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Well I am home, and I am trying to get back into the groove. Traveling and shows really take it out of me and right now i am in recovery mode.  So it’s a Cartoon moment with my youngest as  I start working on the graphic novel version of the bean.

Yup there is going to be an graphic novel of the bean. It will entail the first 4 books. I know I mentioned it before, but I have the quote for the printing and I am now figuring out how to fund it. Any ideas?:) I’m thinking about a carwash:)

Also issue 8 is going to press this week. Plus I am running out of issue 2. This is crucial since when I finish volume 1 (books 1 to 4 combined) I am going to discontinue the first 4 comics, which means those that have those, will be collector items:)



Andy » 2 Jul 2011 » Reply

um.. what just happened? it looks like some kind of powerful shockwave.. and it's a storm? that just surprised everyone?? This makes no sense to me.

cedarseed » 29 Jun 2011 » Reply

I recommend Kickstarter as well. It worked for me and I find myself very eager to back other projects thanks to its attractive format.

Celidah » 29 Jun 2011 » Reply

Hey, that looks like an Indiana storm! Hail, straight-line winds, and all!


@Rafnasil » 29 Jun 2011 » Reply

I get the feeling that all the inhabitants of the town are not in the forest.

sfb » 29 Jun 2011 » Reply

Another great place to refer to the success of Kickstart is reMind, The creator had a very successful campaign, and blogs about the process of creating a self-published graphic novel. Very interesting reading.

Awesome comic today, love the sense of motion conveyed in panel 2.

Knightwork » 29 Jun 2011 » Reply

What about Kickstarter? Seems that is the way some folk are going — Least I Could Do is going that route for an animated version. Check with the creator of Something Positive, since he was the one the LICD kickstarter was coordinated through/with.

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