The Bean 284
The Bean 284
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There is a lot going on – we have less than $900 to go and are 82% funded on the kickstarter project. Everything that goes over will go to the printing of vol 2- I will post more on that later. I am truly humbled by the power of kickstarter and how it allows artists of all fields have the opportunity to realize your dreams. You have to have a plan though… and you have to follow through.

To support my project go here Bean Vol 1 Kickstarter project.

So in celebration here is the back cover artwork. I will post the full cover spread soon. Probably near the end of the project.

Enjoy the back cover-



Ruthie » 6 Dec 2012 » Reply

I love the humor of this: my dear, you are quite lovely, but there’s a screaming horde of goblin chaps right behind me… so, shall we go in?

Elihion » 16 Aug 2011 » Reply

Sounds like something old Rooster Cogburn might have said… 🙂

Jim » 15 Aug 2011 » Reply

Hey, I was following your comic but I keep returning to the newest and loosing my place. Just thought I'ld put a bug in your ear.

    Trav the bean » 15 Aug 2011 » Reply

    Hi Jim- Sorry about that- I recommend the RSS Feed. It is the best way to follow. Archives are fine or the bean comic section. Other than that, it is also in print and makes for a much easier read.

    Jande » 19 Aug 2011 » Reply

    Hint: Buy. The. Books. ;`)

Ben » 15 Aug 2011 » Reply

I wonder if bringing them to the Silver Dagger was the most prudent choice . . .

    @Rafnasil » 15 Aug 2011 » Reply

    Actually, he wasn't. He just figured that they would stop by the Dagger for a friendly chat sooner or later and decided he wanted to get there ahead to start a cosy fire. Too bad they got there quicker than he anticipated.

    Trav the bean » 15 Aug 2011 » Reply

    Siv made a choice several episodes back. Both choices had consequences…

Adrian » 15 Aug 2011 » Reply

I instantly made this my desktop wallpaper. 😉
I reaally like those kitchen scenes of your's.

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