The Bean 285
The Bean 285
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Today’s update. Well all heck is about break loose at the inn, yet even in the roughest of moments, one needs a drink:)

Kickstarter update :89% funded

Funding is at 90%. We are a about $450 shy of raising the $5000 grand for the graphic novel. I cannot believe how fast this happening.

We have 40 days left, but some slots are running out. There are only 6 $25 slots left.  So what happens if we go over. I have decided that if we go over. I will put it towards the printing off book 2. If we double it I will comp every one that donated vol 2 as well. We will need a total of $11000 to pull that off. But lets focus on funding the first book.

I tried to make the pledges worth it. $15 gets you a free book. $25 (only 7 slots left) gets you a little more and $30. Help pass the word!

To support my project go here Bean Vol 1 Kickstarter project.

Keep Creating!